Premiere Performance

Premiere Performance

Our 30-person cast worked together over the course of 15 months to create the content for this original musical — including stories, scenes, choreography, and original songs. This musical is rooted in the lived experiences of participants, many of whom have experienced immense challenges finding affordable and safe housing in Orange County. Joined by grassroots allies, our cast has come together to make these stories come to life.

“Affordable Housing: The Musical” premiered with the support of Carolina Performing Arts in CURRENT ArtSpace for two sold-out performances.

We had an amazing time creating and staging this production. Our all-volunteer cast and production team will certainly be continuing to make a joyful noise for affordable housing in our community, though we are not yet sure if we will have the resources to stage another performance of the musical.

Have ideas or resources that could help us stage another production of the musical locally? Want to connect so you can create an affordable housing musical in your own community? Let’s talk!
Contact us at affordablehousingmusical [at]

Testimonials from our Audience:

“THAT was community-based theatre! That was what the world could look like genuinely informed by ALL of the artists among us. That was a truly collective vision claiming the stage. You all also kept a plain invitational style that seemed to say: we are you and you are us; you could be up on this stage too—for the pleasure of it or because you suddenly need a place to stay . . . The line between audience and performers was as thin as that between having and not having a home.”

“I have such admiration for the creators and cast. Translating this issue using music and satire was effective in that it created a “feeling” or spark for action.”

“Creative, funny, and serious all at the same time. Impressive.”

“I loved the musical! It was an incredible way to tell a true story and show how ridiculous it was from the perspective of people who need affordable housing. It calls people out and requires change without blaming or ostracizing them. Everyone in Chapel Hill, and everyone in communities experiencing gentrification, should see it!”

“Powerful. I had a real face to face with my privilege…I work on Franklin St and never turn my head to notice the suffering present in our homeless population. My assumption: someone’s taking care of that. I earned that there’s something I can contribute. We all could chip in.”

“What a coup. You all managed funny and dark with sharp angles. The show was a blast and it blasted open every argument against supporting housing.”